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Born 1936 in Huron County, MI. Calls Kalamazoo, MI, home since 1971.

Rose Mary spent over twenty years as a technical writer and corporate communications manager for a third-party administrator and health care management company. She was responsible for writing, editing and producing health benefit communications, administration manuals and related material, including a client newsletter. This experience that left her deeply concerned about the health care crisis in America.

She has also had experience as co-owner, accountant and business manager for an art gallery/custom-framing/retail gift shop, and an officer in a corporate venture with her entrepreneurial, artist husband Bill Glass.

Rose Mary was actively involved in her community as a founding member of a women’s network and served as a Kalamazoo YWCA board member and building committee chair.

In retirement, she is free to focus on writing poetry and prose that reflect her current passions and interests, encompassing issues as diverse as feminism, art, peace, health, religion, economics and social justice.

She is a summa cum laude graduate of Western Michigan University with a BA degree (Spanish major, Russian minor) and post graduate study in creative writing.