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From Eve to goddess

          to Jezebel,

the power of the feminine casts a spell.


Men find her irresistible,

          but are ambivalent

about their human counterpart and complement.


She stands for justice, wisdom,

      peace and liberty.

Yet in the vainglorious conceit

           of masculinity,

        is universally deprived

           of her autonomy

        and subjected to

      merciless misogyny.


How long can human society survive

          without the love

         and civilizing force

of feminine energy

          to keep it on its course.


For as the sacred portal

          through which life

        and consciousness emerge

she is co-equal creator,

          an earthly demiurge.


Enigma — as an ode

          to the eternal feminine principle —

pays homage to this vital cosmic role,

in whatever form it may abide.


To dignify her grace and beauty,

          turns her inside out

to reveal the inner contours of her soul.


Rose Mary Glass 2011