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Drooping heads of fading blossoms,

wilting plants, dried up stalks

replacing summer's verdant foliage

increase the sense of something lost.


As Autumn beauty tinged with the colors

of falling leaves and ripening harvest

signals its readiness to be reaped and plucked,

a chill in the air forewarns of coming frost


Squirrels scurry, chipmunks pack their pouches

all life prepares for winter's recurring return,

scrolling through the seasons

flipping the pages on the calendar of time.


In this season, a lesson in the art of letting go,

energy all but spent, ripe and past my prime,

I sigh and feel a touch of joyful sadness

a foreshadowing of the cold, dark, silence . . .

guaranteed to come.


RMG - September 11, 2019